about us

mill cove baking company is a woman-owned and operated business making handmade packaged crackers on the coast in beautiful portland, maine. we're committed to using several maine-made and maine-grown ingredients in our crackers in order to support the local food economy, which in turn supports our business.

we offer four uniquely delicious flavors: the every-thin, the real dill, the old salt, and the spicy cheddar rye. there's something for everyone in these four flavors, whether you're looking for an addition to your cheeseboard, a neutral palate cleansing cracker to pair with your favorite wine, beer or cheese, or a stand-alone snack to devour in one sitting.

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we hope you enjoy eating these crackers as much as we enjoy making them!

nina murray is the owner of mill cove baking company. the business is named after her mother’s farm in harpswell, which itself was named after a small nearby cove that used to be home to an operational mill stone for grinding grain.

after traveling and working as a ship-board cook, nina returned to maine and found work as a baker at a wonderful local catering company. it was here that the idea for mill cove sprouted after seeing guests delight at the novelty of eating a handmade cracker.

deciding to explore this idea on her own, she developed new recipes using maine ingredients, invited friends over for feedback, and began production on the two most popular flavors under the mill cove label. she was delighted to find that people’s enthusiasm for uniquely flavored small-batch crackers was enough to sustain the growth of mill cove and is happily crackering away today. nina lives in portland with her husband and her pup, juniper.